Alexander Phillip Watch Company

Alexander Phillip Watch Company is a small Swiss watch house that was established in 2007 and now produces appr. 5.000 watches a year. The collection consists of basic models with quartz movements, sporting chronographs with mechanical movements and even tourbillon models! All watches are made and finished to Swiss quality standards. AWC is one of the few watch houses that spend time and have the experience to produce top quality watches with complex complications including tourbillon.

AWC offers high complication timepieces in stylized and elegant designs, which allow watch connoisseurs to express their passion for the intricate complication.

Other than brands pricing their tourbillon watches ranging from € 80.000,- to € 200.000,- AWC remains true to its customers by creating supreme quality timepieces at affordable prices. Without any concession to the quality, AWC can give top value for money, while operating without the excessive high costs of advertising, enlisting celebrities, and the worldwide store-network of the major brands. Bringing it within the reach of true watch collectors, who dream of owning such a complex mechanical complication.

AWC tourbillon watches are destined to be worn for everyday pleasure with designs that enhance the wearer’s personality and style. True classic style matched with Swiss level quality. Since quality and accuracy are of paramount importance all AWC watches are tested for days in various different positions on Swiss machines with specialized tourbillon functionality under varying conditions of temperature, humidity and controlled shocks.

The result for the true connoisseur is a watch to celebrate.

AWC is a registered trade mark of Alexander Phillip Watch Company, a division of Homburg Industries NV.